Our Story

We’ve been on a mission to bring delicious, plant-based protein to Canadian tables for over a decade. We believe there’s nothing better than food that tastes amazing and makes you feel good about it too. So, we’ve worked hard to find our best ingredients and developed mouthwatering recipes with world-class chefs to get it just right. We think you’ll love our products and your family will too!

Our Products

A mouthful of flavours from black beans, corn, brown rice, and a blend of delicious spices. These bold bites are the perfect ingredient in a stir-fry or pasta. They’re also a crowd-pleaser as an appetizer with dips!

We’ve created a perfect balance of flavours in this mouth-watering burger. It’s got chunks of portobello mushroom, sweet potato and quinoa, blended with brown rice, peppers, and bold spices.

Enjoy the richest flavors of the garden, including wholesome chickpeas, carrots, corn, red peppers, peas, and spinach. Serve them with a sauce as an hors d’oeuvre, or try them as a main in your meal next to a salad or pasta.

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