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Is oh naturel!® vegan-friendly?

Yes, all oh naturel!® products are vegan-friendly and made in a meat-free facility.

How are these products consumed?

Any way you like! There are some great ideas in our Recipes section to inspire you. All of our products are easy to prepare, and are delicious whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a world-class chef!

How would you prepare the products?

Every product can be oven baked or pan-fried. We don’t recommend the microwave for our breaded items.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

We’ve scoured every corner of the world in order find the best ingredients for ultimate taste and nutrition. In order to maintain utmost control and quality during manufacturing, all of our products are made in Ontario, Canada.

Why is our soy-based fortified with vitamins & minerals?

Our soy-based lineup is meant to provide the same look, feel and taste as meat. Therefore, the nutritional components of eating meat are matched in our vegan-friendly products.

What is the difference between soy-based and plant-based?

The difference is in the ingredients. Our plant-based products are made from simple and real garden vegetables, such as carrots, corn and green peas. We know you care about having real, nutritious food on your plate, so we’ve been careful to use the best ingredients from the garden.


Our soy-based products are made from soy and are meant to mimic the look, feel and taste of chicken. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or just simply reducing meat without forgoing its delicious taste, these products will fulfill that craving while being totally meat-free.

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